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Why Should Women Read 1 Samuel

Why should women read 1 Samuel?

Juxtaposing the lives of David and Saul provides a clear picture of the difference between love for God and love for self. Whereas David was a man after God’s own heart (13:14), Saul was a man after his own heart, choosing to obey according to his convenience. Along with the lives of these two kings, women can also glean practical and poignant principles from the lives of two biblical heroines, Hannah and Abigail (chaps. 1–2; 25).

Biblical Womanhood- The Danger of Comparison

At its heart, the sin of comparison with which women struggle on many different levels—material, emotional, physical, and even spiritual—takes a dangerous turn from focusing on God to relying on another or even on oneself. Soon, statements such as “If only I could be like . . .” begin to occupy your mind, as greed, jealousy, and feelings of inadequacy seep into the heart. The Christian life, however, is not about competing with others but about completing the will of God. Being spurred on to good works by another’s conduct (Heb 10:24) is certainly healthy to our walk of faith, but allowing ourselves to become consumed with being like someone else as opposed to like Christ is harmful. Ultimately, such comparisons shift the focus of our lives from God’s glory to our own. As women, we must choose to believe that God has given us all that we need to live according to His perfect plan for our lives.

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