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1 Thessalonians

Why Should Women Read 1 Thessalonians?

Women will face a variety of difficulties throughout a lifetime, but God teaches in 1 Thessalonians that a Christian’s response to difficulties is diametrically opposed to the way the lost world responds. Learning how to live like Christ in a culture that is so foreign to Christian ideals is a process in which a woman allows God to mold her into His image and chip away those things that are not godly.

Biblical Womanhood – Holiness in Sexuality

Paul made the connection between ignorance or rejection of God and succumbing to sexual immorality (4:5). The implication is that those who have identified with Christ should demonstrate their new identity through having control over their bodies, setting them apart from the ungodly who act on their sexual desires without constraint. Knowing God should result in self-control and a desire to do God’s will with regard to sexuality.

Paul suggests three ways in which to honor God in the area of sexuality:

• Abstain from sexual immorality (4:3). The Greek word for sexual immorality (porneias) includes not just sexual acts but also suggests impurity in thought, words, and actions. Abstaining from sexual immorality will have implications in what you allow yourself to think and talk about and watch and read. Believers should not think that they are being pure in this matter because they are not engaging in sexual acts.

• Exercise control over your own body (4:4). You cannot control the actions of those around you, but you can control yourself. One way to “exercise control” over your body is in the area of modesty. First Timothy 2:9-10 encourages women to dress modestly because it is fitting for one who professes to be a worshiper of God. Can a person tell even by the style of your clothing that you are different, that you are a follower of God?

• Do not take advantage of fellow believers in the area of sexual matters (4:6). Christians especially need to be above reproach in how they deal with members of the opposite sex. Does the way you interact with others encourage holiness, or do you tempt people to be sexually immoral in their thoughts, words, or actions?

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