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1 Timothy

Why Should Women Read 1 Timothy?

Right knowledge leads to right behavior, and the woman who wants to honor God through her life must know what God teaches about how to do this. In this book, Paul gives several important teachings for and about women—the proper lifestyle for a woman who professes to know God, how women should conduct themselves in church, how churches should care for widows, and the importance of true contentment in the life of the believer. This book offers a road map for how to live out the Christian faith within the community of faith.

Is it really possible to be content?

Contentment is the ultimate acceptance of yourself, your surroundings, your past, and your future (6:6-11). Many women are full of discontent. They seek happiness from others, accumulate material possessions to find joy, move to a new home, or marry another husband in search of contentment. The Christian woman should learn to be content in Christ.

Though contentment seems elusive, you can be content as you trust in God, relying on Him to provide what you need. You must be confident in yourself. You must be grateful for your family and your friends. Paul challenges you to seek godliness with contentment with whatever you have (v. 6). If you truly desire to follow God, He will teach you to be content. Godliness with contentment is great gain.

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