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Why Should Women Read 2 Chronicles?

Why should women read 2 Chronicles?

Seasons of God’s discipline can cause you to remember the past blessings of living in obedience. In such times, you are often tempted to despair because of the consequences of your sin, to remain in defeating shame and estrangement from the Savior. But the message of Chronicles provides a new hope: Before God ever chastens His children, He has already planned to restore them to Himself. His discipline is never without hope and is always for the ultimate good of His children.

Hard Question: How should you respond to rebuke from the Word of God?

The unmasking of your sin, especially by those who love and care for you, is not an easy thing to accept, but there are only two options for response—repent or “dig in your heels.” Awareness of sin does not automatically bring about positive and lasting change. If you are a new creation in Christ, you may choose not to sin or to respond biblically when you do sin. Let Asa’s spiritual decline (chap. 16) serve as a warning against this subtle thinking: “I have confidence that after coming through such an impossible battle, I will never turn to worldly things.” Your victory in one “test of faith” is no guarantee that you are not vulnerable to fail other “tests.” Unlike Asa, however, believers have hope for continuing victory because of Christ (see Rm 8:1-9). May it be your aim never to ignore the loving rebuke of fellow believers but to repent, receive forgiveness in Christ, and renew daily dependence on His care (1Jn 1:6-9).

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