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2 Corinthians

Why Should Women Read 2 Corinthians?

Paul had a long and intense relationship with the Corinthians. They spent much time together, enjoyed warm fellowship in Christ, and had many confrontations. This letter was written to the church in order to prepare them for Paul’s coming visit. The beginning is very positive, but the second part of the letter is strongly confrontational and straightforward as Paul defended his own authority and opposed false apostles. Paul was motivated by love to defend his ministry and thus point to Christ. His example is one from which all women can learn in order to be able lovingly to present truth and confront false teaching.

2 Corinthians...Written On My Heart

Is there a judgment for Christians after death?

Paul’s constant desire to please Christ was the direct outcome of his awareness that death would usher him into the presence of Christ. All will come before the tribunal [Gk bēmatos, “judge’s official seat, speaker’s platform”] of Christ (5:10). “The tribunal” in secular usage denoted the raised platform, approached by ascending steps, where the judge of a case sat, as on a throne or presiding over a tribunal. Jesus appeared before Pilate (Mt 27:19; Jn 19:13) and Paul before both secular and religious officials at the bēmatos (Gk). Christians, of course, will not have to worry about losing or earning their salvation, which has been won through Christ and His once-for-all atonement for sin. However, believers will be judged and rewarded for the work and ministry entrusted to them. Therefore, every Christian should be consumed with obedience to Christ and His commands. This appearance in the court of heaven will give opportunity for divine illumination of what has been hidden by darkness and is then exposed. The assessment of works and character is done, not with the determination of destiny but with the assignment of rewards. At this time the believer may suffer loss by forfeiting Christ’s praise or by losing a reward that might have been given.

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