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2 Thessalonians

Why Should Women Read 2 Thessalonians?

Second Thessalonians teaches two important truths about the Christian life—it will not be easy, and it is important to know what you believe. As women dig into this small book, they will get encouragement to stand firm in the truth even in their most difficult days. In addition, they will be reminded to know the truth of God’s Word. Far too many believers do not have a firm grasp of their faith, and, as a result, they stumble when someone comes along with a false teaching. Make sure you know the Bible well enough so that you will be able to discern truth from error.

Is it judgmental to tell someone she is wrong?

Paul expressed his love for the Thessalonian believers by correcting their wrong beliefs (2:10-12). He knew that their wrong thinking would result in behavior unfitting for believers, so he made every effort to instruct them more perfectly. This methodology remains an important means of expressing love for one another to this day. You can love and serve one another by continually using gentle instruction to help a sister grasp a concept of God more accurately.

This responsibility is not the pastor’s alone, but each member of the body is competent to minister in this way. Bible studies, discipleship groups, prayer partners, meeting over coffee, taking long walks for discussion together are some venues where this kind of love in action can take place. Asking poignant questions, listening well, and knowing Scripture in order to give wise input into a person’s situation are necessary. Discipleship and correction should be an integral part of life within the body of Christ.

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