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2 Timothy

Why Should Women Read 2 Timothy?

Second Timothy is sometimes called Paul’s last will and testament since he wrote it in full acceptance of his probable impending death. The letter gives women a glimpse into the heart and mind of a man who made it his goal to bring glory to God and who at the end of life could say that he had fulfilled his ministry. That should be the goal of every believer, and this letter offers insight into how to run the race of life with endurance, how to keep the faith in the midst of difficulties, and how to fulfill your ministry (your life’s purpose) with a clear conscience before God.

Why is the Bible considered different than other books?

Paul reflects on the true character of the Scriptures and their value to him in ministry (3:16-17). That all Scripture is inspired by God (Gk theopneustos, “Godbreathed,” the only instance of this word in the NT) emphasizes God’s initiation and control of the process of communicating His thoughts to human beings. The Holy Spirit orchestrated this process, so the original writings are without error (2Pt 1:21). God’s written word is authoritative simply because it is God’s word.

It is also infallible (i.e., it cannot be broken, Jn 10:35). What God says will come to pass. Paul goes on to say that Scripture is profitable:

• for teaching (Gk didaskalian, “instructing” in regard to doctrine) God’s truth to others—one of Timothy’s primary ministry responsibilities (4:3; 1Tm 4:6,13,16; Ti 1:9; 2:1,7,10);
• for rebuking (Gk elegchon, “proof, conviction”)—i.e., enabling Timothy to expose the errors of both the lifestyles and the teaching of the heretics (1Tm 5:20; 2Tm 4:2);
• for correcting (Gk epanorthōsin, “restoring to an upright position, making straight again”) those who are in error and setting them on a path of restoration (Jn 17:17; 2Tm 2:25);
• for training [Gk paideian, “discipline, course of instruction” aimed at cultivation of both knowledge and character; cp. Eph 6:4; Heb 12:5-11] in righteousness, providing wisdom in how to develop an intimate relationship with the Lord and how to minister in the full power of the Holy Spirit.

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