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Why Should Women Read Acts?

One of the most exciting books in the New Testament, Acts is action-packed, providing relevant details on the spread of the gospel and the beginning of the Christian church. The ministries and lives of women in Acts are highlighted perhaps more than in any other New Testament book, showing the active and significant role women played in the formation of the early church. From beginning to end, Luke notes important women who played key roles in the formation of the apostolic church.

Hard Question

Is there only one way to heaven?

The importance of Acts in determining the way of salvation cannot be underestimated. Many people embrace “pluralism,” believing that the world’s major religions provide independent paths to a saving relationship with God. However, Acts indicates both implicitly and explicitly that salvation can only be obtained through Jesus Christ (4:12). Does this mean that devout people of other faiths will not go to heaven? Yes. For further evidence of this conclusion consider the story in Ac 8, where the Ethiopian official was instructed by Philip. First, the Ethiopian was a devout man. He traveled thousands of miles to worship in the outer areas of the Jewish synagogue. He read the prophet Isaiah as he traveled. Despite the Ethiopian’s religious nature, the Holy Spirit instructed Philip to share the gospel with him. If this man were going to be saved through another religion, Philip would have had no reason to go to him in the first place. Additionally, consider the man named Cornelius (Ac 10:2). Why did he need to hear about Jesus Christ? Yet God in a vision told Peter to share the gospel with this man. Being religious is not enough. Salvation comes by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Knowing that Jesus Christ is the only way should encourage every woman to be bold in sharing her faith and to take an active role in missionary efforts to spread the gospel. Every person should take seriously the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

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