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Why should women read Amos?

“Fat and happy” is a phrase that describes the people and more specifically the women in Amos. The self-indulgent and self-focused women of Judah had no concern for the poor and needy around them. The prophet, speaking the words of God, called them “cows.” Amos is a reminder to women that God is not so much concerned with our happiness as He is our holiness or right living. While the Israelites were the “people of God” in name, their actions belied such a blessed title. As you read, ask yourself, “Am I living to please myself or the Lord?”

How do you read Amos?

The book of Amos can be roughly divided into three main parts. The first section (chaps. 1–2) announced that Israel’s sins demanded swift judgment. The nation could not call for any special treatment in light of the egregious sins they had committed against the covenant. The second section (chaps. 3–6) is the Lord’s judgment upon the nations, Judah, and Israel. The final section (chaps. 7–9) ends on a note of hope. The question remained in the end: Will God abandon His people? The answer of the book of Amos is a resounding “No!” The final message of Amos is that God will show mercy and compassion to Israel and remain faithful to His covenant. But this does not mean that Israel will not suffer consequences for its unfaithfulness.

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