Design and develop a template to house the 52 Weeks content on This template can be repurposed across all 52 Weeks article content for both The Study Bible for Women and Apologetics, and future properties at Lifeway’s discretion. As part of this scope, we will only develop the template for The Study Bible for Women website.

Social Sharing and Email Signup Form

The template will include social share buttons to spur engagement — we expect 52 Weeks’ subscribers to share this content. The template will include a 52 Weeks’ email signup form that readers who are viewing the content but not subscribed will be able to subscribe with.

URL Structure

Each post has its own unique URL that users can bookmark and review. The URL structure of the 52 Weeks content will relate to the title of that week. So for SB4W Week 1 it would be

while Week 2 would be

PM Notes

—Build on the WP genesis framework

—LOGO at the top of the page – Jose will be making updates (study bible for women needs to be capitalized)

—Each week is a separate entry, with a separate URL, using this template with the URL structure above

—build elements in this template so they can rearrange, group or remove elements how they choose.

—they should be able decide if they want photo full-width, like the one at the top of the page, or not full width like the one toward the middle. Second image treatment should have the option for a caption beneath the photo

—All fields should be editable – Week #, introduction headline, copy above the form, bottom callout copy (+ link)

—social share elements on the left margin should be sticky as the user scrolls; social share will share the entire page.

—subtitles should be optional – again, they should be able to chunk the content how they want

—italicized quote option should be available to insert anywhere on the page

—full WYSIWYG capabilities for copy fields (italics, bullets, bold, etc..)

—Form should link to the Study Bible For Women list in Mailchimp

—Bottom callout (CTA) should be flexible – this will likely link back to the study bible for women landing page ( Client needs the ability to update the subheading, heading and link.

Analytics tracking

—we will need to set up goals and events for this page in analytics

—I will get with Annie/Matt on what exactly needs to be tracked, but we WILL track:

1. form submissions (clicking submit)

2. social shares

3. bottom callout

*** KEEP IN MIND. We will be building another content template for Apologetics (which has 52 weeks of content, too). This additional template will likely be the same, but styles will be updated to match Apologetics designs. We’ll need to repurpose this template (only updating design) for apologetics.

ALSO – when this is live, let’s make sure we watch the server size as we push media to these pages. We might need to increase server size as these content templates, Study Bible for Women landing page, Christ Centered Exposition and Apologetics (launching in July) will be on this server.