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Why Should Women Read Colossians?

Far too many women do not experience the “abundant life” that Christ came to bring them. Paul uses two words to describe the Christian life in Colossians: freedom and fullness. Followers of Jesus are free from sin because Jesus erased the certificate of debt and its obligations through His death on the cross. In the freedom found through Christ, the Christian is provided with fullness of life because she is God’s chosen one, holy and loved. The truth about the person and work of Christ triumphs over deceptive heresy and teaches Christians to live in fullness and freedom through Him.

Does Submission Lead to Abuse?

Submission is meant to be a good and beautiful thing in a Christian marriage (even if it is not always easy to do!). It is important, however, for women to understand the distinction between biblical submission to a servant leader and coercion from an oppressive tyrant. Biblical submission is a voluntary choice.

Submission is the willing and loving acceptance of a husband’s authority and leadership in marriage. Yet, it is not the passive acceptance of physical, mental, or verbal abuse. Such behavior is oppressive, dangerous, and contemptible to God. If you or someone you know is suffering from abuse, seek help from a trusted and godly confidant, whether a pastor, counselor, or close friend. God’s desire is for wives to have healthy and happy marriages. With intervention, repentance, and the grace of God, that can become a reality.

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