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Why should women read Daniel?

Women as well as men derive comfort and assurance that God is in control of the times, of nations and governments. This book encourages the faithful to trust God: He is taking history to the conclusion He has planned for  it, and its destiny is something good that glorifies Him. Such a perspective also encourages believers to look beyond personal circumstances and take an eternal perspective, praying for divine insight into God’s dealings with the world and what role he would assign to each believer. The book follows
Daniel on his life journey, from a young man (teenager) to an old man, all the while living a life without compromise as an exile in a foreign land. His life of faithful and uncompromising devotion gained him favor with God and the privilege of receiving powerful visions, which encouraged the Jews that God was with His people and revealed Himself to them even in their time of punishment. His life of integrity as a wise man distinguished him from his administrative peers and garnered the respect of the ruling authorities.

Daniel … Written on my Heart

There is an “itch” of curiosity that Daniel partially scratches. Consequently, one may be tempted to overindulge in speculation as to the nature of prophetic fulfillment. Instead, Christians ought to prepare themselves and others for the return of Christ. The mysterious timing of His reappearance should motivate believers to share the gospel and invest themselves in the work of the kingdom of God. When the disciples pressed Jesus on specifics of the end-times (Ac 1:1-8), he responded with two ideas. First, the end of all things is set by God, who has the authority to do so. Second, until that time, Christians are to be consumed with making others ready. Even Daniel was encouraged to seek understanding and lead others into righteousness (Dn 11:33; 12:3). He was allowed to ask questions, and certainly God encourages believers to study His Word and find answers; however, some things will remain secret until the end of time (12:9). God has shrouded end-time events in mystery, which can only lead the believer to have greater faith and confidence in God.

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