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Why Should Women Read Deuteronomy?

Why should women read Deuteronomy?

Historically, the people of God were at a major crossroads in their journey. Once before the people had rejected their opportunity to enter the promised land (Nm 13–14), and their second opportunity now loomed before them. The instructions for living recorded in Deuteronomy stand apart from the rest of the books of the Pentateuch, and a great deal was at stake for the people of God as they received these words. This book outlines the meaning of being a “set-apart” people for God in the midst of a world diametrically opposed to Him. Women today live in a similar type of culture, and the choice faced by the Israelites is the same one women today face: Conform to the worldly culture or transform the culture by living holy lives.

Biblical Womanhood The Responsibility of Parenthood

Over and over again the book of Deuteronomy emphasizes the importance of listening to and obeying the Lord, and Moses linked this to the responsibility of parenting. Not only were the adults to listen to and obey the Lord, but they were to teach their children how to listen to and walk with God. Your actions today affect those who come after you. Do you live in a way that will bless those who come after you? Are you listening and making choices that are in accord with the commandments and statutes of God? Are you allowing your children to see you respond to the Lord in your daily life? Are you teaching your children to know God and obey Him? Moses was not asked to be the primary teacher to all the children; parents were given that responsibility. In the same way today, even though pastors, teachers, and church leaders will play a role in the spiritual development of children, parents have the primary responsibility of passing down spiritual truths to their children.

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