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Why should women read Esther?

The book of Esther bears the name of a heroine who was beautiful, brave, and brilliant. God used Esther as the primary agent to save His people, the Jews, from destruction. As a Jewess in a cruel despot’s court, she risked her life while working a daring plan to deliver her people from certain death. Women are inspired by such an ordinary woman who is used of God in an extraordinary way. Women are also instructed and mentored in virtues and character traits of a woman who is not only used by God to accomplish His purposes but is also a heroine admired by her peers and future generations.

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Tragedy will strike, suffering will come, crisis will intervene at the most inopportune moment. However, in the midst of whatever evil or hurtful scenario you face, a child of God need only wait for her hour of redemption because God has promised that He will be the ultimate Mover in life (Rm 8:28). Nothing can keep you from God’s unfailing presence, His perfect knowledge, His matchless wisdom, and His unconditional love (Rm 8:38-39). God is ever working on your behalf for what is ultimately best for you. God never works against you; He is always for you (Rm 8:31-32). Adversities will come as surely as the blessings, but in all you are dependent upon Him; and nothing happens without His permission since He is sovereign over your decisions and actions, guiding all according to His purposes.

Many things happen that are labeled “co-incidence” or human happenstance, but in reality they are “God-incidence” or an expression of divine providence. In the lives of Esther and the Jewish people, God’s providence overruled tragedy and poor judgment to bring good from evil, arranging even the smallest details in order to preserve Hi

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