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Why Should Women Read Galatians?

Believers have no greater task than to have a proper understanding of the gospel so they may then share it with others. In this book, Paul was concerned that the Galatians were deserting the gospel that he had preached to them. A number of prominent Jewish legalists infiltrated the congregation of new believers and began teaching that faith in Christ alone was not enough to make a person right with God. Shocked by the Galatians’ openness to this dangerous heresy, Paul wrote this letter to defend salvation by faith and warn these churches of the dire consequences of abandoning the essential doctrine he had faithfully taught them.

Biblical Womanhood – The Significance of Galatians 3:28

Galatians 3:28 is one of the most debated verses concerning the role of women. In order to understand this verse properly, a person must consider its context within the book of Galatians. This verse is found in the midst of a discussion on how a person is saved—whether it is by keeping the law or through justification by faith. Paul is building a case for the Galatians to show that even in the Old Testament a person was saved by faith in the promise to come, not by keeping the law.

After Christ came, a person is still saved by faith, though his faith is in the work that Christ accomplished on the cross. Whether a man or a woman, a slave or a free person, a Jew or a Gentile, a person is saved by placing his faith in Christ. Why is it so important to establish the context of this verse? This verse has been used to argue that there are no longer distinctions in social relationships; specifically, there are no distinctions in gender roles between men and women. However, Paul was discussing the nature of salvation and not the proper social relationships of men and women in or out of the church and home.

The interpretation of this passage cannot be divorced from its context or from the other letters of Paul where he clearly sets forth distinct responsibilities for husbands and wives (Eph 5:22-33; Col 3:18-19) and some distinct responsibilities for men and women in the church (1Tm 2:11-15; Ti 2:1-5). Paul’s assertion does not obliterate social or role distinctions. Rather the impartial nature of God’s love is affirmed in salvation (Ac 10:34-35). Fully equal before God, women and men receive the same grace, must adhere to the same obedience, and experience the same blessing of being recipients of spiritual gifts and blessings. They are equal in worth but have received different assignments fashioned within the God designed creation order.

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