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Why Should Women Read Habakkuk?

The book of Habakkuk is far from “minor” in terms of its influence. Those who lived in the Dead Sea caves and penned what are known today as the Dead Sea Scrolls identified this book as one of their favorites. The book had a tremendous influence on the Apostle Paul, providing part of his framework for understanding the righteousness available through Jesus Christ. And through Paul’s writings, Martin Luther, the father of the Reformation, was awakened by the truth that the righteous will live by faith and not by their own merits. Those who glibly speak of living by faith would do well to return to the original context of Habakkuk—distress, injustice and terror, in the midst of which God’s goodness and greatness shine through all the more

Habakkuk...Written On My Heart

Habakkuk reminds his readers that the Lord’s silence does not mean indifference (1:5). In the high-paced, high-tech world where everything comes at the push of a button, the modern generation has become impatient with any answer from the Lord that begins with, “Wait.” Whenever the silence is deafening, remember that the Lord is still working, and most important—He is working on you. Though your circumstances and crises will change, God will remain the same. Hold steadfastly to Him and His Word, and you will see Him work.

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