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Why should women read Job?

Women who suffer often long for an explanation and ask, “Why me? What did I do to deserve this? ” To ask “why” is not wrong (Jb 3:11-12,16-26); but as Job learned, God is not obligated to answer—He alone is sovereign and free to do as He chooses (23:13). The speeches of Job and his friends reveal the limitations of human understanding of God and His ways (40:1- 5; 42:1-6; cp. Is 55:9; Rm 9:20-23). However, the book of Job also affirms that even when life’s afflictions are overwhelming, women can count on God always to act in accordance with the perfect goodness, love, mercy, and justice of His own character. The New Testament commends both “Job’s endurance” and the Lord’s compassion and mercy toward him (Jms 5:11). There will never be a satisfactory answer to the “why” question (chaps. 38–41), but the book of Job proves that a woman who has entrusted her life to the Lord can choose to trust God and His goodness, even in the most heart-rending and debilitating circumstances.

I am a Christian. Can Satan harm me?

The word “satan” is transliterated from the verb satan (Hb, “attack, accuse”). With the definite article, the word becomes a proper noun translated “adversary,” identifying the enemy called Satan. Originally created as an angel (Jd 9), Satan fell from God’s graces because of his pride (see 2Pt 2:4; 1Tm 3:6; Jd 6). His rebellion resulted in one-third of the angelic host rebelling against God (Rv 12:4), and his hatred of God is seen in his role in the fall of man (Gn 3:15; Rm 16:20). Since then, he has been God’s enemy and man’s adversary, attempting to thwart God’s purposes and antagonizing mankind. Nevertheless, he is answerable to God and limited by Him (Jb 1:6), again demonstrating God’s sovereignty.

Several verses in Job clarify Satan’s role in relation to the believer. He can only be in one place at a time (1:7); therefore, his fallen angels assist him in his work. He cannot read your mind (1:9-11), and he can only act with God’s permission (1:12; 2:6). These facts are important for the believer to understand. Satan cannot cause affliction without God’s permission, and He cannot force a person to commit sin. Satan’s final destruction is described in Rv 20:10.

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