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Why Should Women Read John?

The Gospel of John was written with all people in mind, both men and women; seekers, sinners, and saints—this Gospel was written with you in the mind of the human author (19:35; 20:30-31), the Apostle John, who recognized the significance of Jesus’ being the Savior of “the world” (3:16- 17; 4:42; 6:63,51; 12:47; 14:31; 17:21,23). Women who already follow Christ should read John to deepen both their knowledge of and relationship with the Savior. They will also encounter profound truths and challenges in what Jesus both did and said, and John often packs much more into a few words than is obvious at first. Women who have not yet believed in Jesus should read John as a compelling eyewitness account from the man who most firmly grasped that Jesus embodied God’s love and has the power not only to forgive sin and give life but also to command His followers to love and forgive in His name (11:25-27; 13:34-35; 20:21-23). Every woman who reads this Gospel can expect to be confronted with the uncompromising yet compassionate Son of God, whose love reaches powerfully across every boundary to convince you that He has come into your world to rescue you from your sin, to give you eternal life, and to be with you always (3:16-17; 8:12; 14:17; 17:24).

Biblical Womanhood: A Women's Worth and Mission

Jesus’ disciples were shocked to find Him talking with a woman (4:27). John does not leave out the equally challenging details about the power of her testimony bringing the men (vv. 28-30) and many Samaritans from her town to believe in Jesus as the Messiah and Savior of the world (vv. 39-42). Jesus’ deliberate interaction with the Samaritan woman and His categorizing His conversation with her as doing His Father’s will and work (v. 34) reveal God’s love for each woman as an individual, a person of inestimable value. Jesus exhorted His disciples to recognize the fields . . . ready for [spiritual] harvest (v. 35), emphasizing the urgency of harvesting souls. Not only is the good news of salvation in Christ intended for women, but the Lord of the harvest takes delight in expanding His kingdom through the testimony of women who have experienced His life-transforming forgiveness and will proclaim— joyfully, unabashedly, and without hesitation—who Jesus is and what He has done.

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