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Why Should Women Read Joshua

Why should women read Joshua?

While the initial message was written with the nation of Israel in mind, the book directly applies to your life today. The God who led Israel into Canaan and drove out their enemies is the same God who, through His Son Jesus, conquered the enemies of sin and death by the new covenant in His blood (1Co 11:25; 15:26,56-57; Heb 9:15). God fights for His children as we follow Him in faith. A beautiful example of faith-filled obedience is Rahab (chap. 2), whose life is a promise of the grace and mercy to come in the salvation offered to all people through Jesus.

Doctrine- God’s Provision

God cares and provides for each of His children. However, the loving Father is also the Master and Lord who is worthy of our obedience. Every Christian woman must trust Him to be faithful to provide for her exactly as He has promised. God told the Israelites that He was giving them the promised land. The land would be theirs! However, Achan allowed his own selfishness to rule his desires and actions by taking for himself from the things that were set apart unto the Lord (7:1, 10-26). God was not withholding any goodness or benefit from His people. In fact, in Israel’s next conquest, at the city of Ai, God commanded the people to plunder the city’s livestock and spoil. Ironically, had Achan waited on God’s timing, he would have received a portion of the plunder. As with all idolatry, Achan failed to trust God’s goodness and sufficiency and pursued what he wanted. Every daughter of God must trust her heavenly Father with her future and the provision of her needs. God had already given the people a land flowing with milk and honey, and He delights in providing for His children (Mt 7:7-11). But Achan chose to take on his own self-serving terms that which only God had the right to give. You can learn from the example of Achan. You can trust the heart of your Father, choose obedience, and accept God’s way and timing. The difference is between life and death, blessings and curses (Dt 30:19-20).

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