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Why Should Women Read Jude

Do you ever minimize the sinfulness of sin? Have you twisted the Bible to justify your own opinions and sinful behavior? Read Jude’s epistle. This brother and servant of Jesus shouts a clear warning to avoid any false teachers and behavior that would lead you away from Christian truth and godly living.

Biblical Womanhood – Rescue the Perishing

One of the most valuable but often difficult ministries to which you may be called is confronting a sister who gives evidence of taking a wrong path. If you saw this sister in great physical danger, you would go to almost any length to stand between her and that danger.

Spiritual and moral dangers have even greater consequences, although they are not as obvious. For those in trouble with regard to their faith, Jude instructed the Jewish believers to save them by snatching them from the fire (v. 23). This phrase does not mean that they were already in the fire, but rather that they were in danger of fire. They must be admonished strongly and carefully so as to restore their faith. Others were to be shown mercy . . . but with fear. This mercy was not without recognition of sin’s consequences. The believers were to respond lovingly to those with garments defiled by the flesh, while also deeply despising their sin.

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