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Why Should Women Read Malachi?

Have you ever resented serving the Lord? Perhaps you taught Sunday School for years and are the one always asked to serve because you are a “yes” woman. The priests in Malachi’s day were experiencing spiritual burnout. The repetition of the sacrifices made the priests resent their service to God and give to Him the very minimum required. Malachi reminds his readers that repetition for its own sake does not equal spiritual excellence.

Doctrine: Stewardship

A steward is someone who cares for someone else’s property. Whatever the Lord gives, whether wealth, children, talents, or abilities makes us stewards. Stewards are to protect and even increase what their master entrusted to them. The Lord, in Mal 3:9-11, gives direct commands in regard to being good stewards of money. In Malachi, God makes it clear that Israel’s refusal to obey His instructions about tithing (given in Lv 27:30-33; Nm 8:8-32; Dt 14:22- 29; 26:12-15) is one of the acts of disobedience from which Malachi calls God’s people to repent. The tithe, giving ten percent of your gross income to the Lord, is an act of worship acknowledging the Lord who gave you all that you have. The people in Malachi’s day were withholding their tithes and by so doing missing out on the blessings of God. Tithing tests a person’s heart as to whether she is in obedience to the Lord. Then the Lord Himself even invites you to test His goodness in responding to your needs (Mal 3:10). What you pour out in submission and thanks, He returns in abundant blessing.

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