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Why Should Women Read Mark?

Mark presents the story of Jesus’ life and teachings as the gospel—good news powerfully announced in a world of bad news. Although the other three gospels also accomplish this, Mark’s account moves quickly and is written in vivid style, stressing action and making it an excellent starting place for women who are new to Bible-reading. Mark probably reflects Peter’s eyewitness testimony. This gospel emphasizes not only that Jesus is “the Son of God” (1:1; 15:39) but also that this fact demands a response. Mark highlights Jesus’ unparalleled spiritual power and authority, leading readers to consider for themselves His question, “Who do you say that I am?” Mark’s gospel also presents the weightiest pieces of evidence in support of the truth of Jesus’ claim to be “the Son of Man,” who will in the future come in the glory of God His Father (8:38; 14:62).

Biblical Womanhood:Christlike Service

In another lesson on discipleship, Jesus discussed the meaning of true greatness, which was never the advancing of oneself but rather the pouring out of one’s life in service to others (9:33-34). Although contemporary cultures applaud people who sacrifice themselves on behalf of others—including mothers who invest their lives in serving their families and communities—in daily life the pressure is to pursue what builds your self-esteem and gains the recognition of others. Followers of Jesus do well to discern and establish in their thought life the criterion of Jesus’ teaching and example. When the goal of looking your best becomes a pursuit of being the best-looking woman in the room, recall the way Jesus focused on the needs of others without losing His identity. Instead of entertaining even a twinge of resentment and jealousy within your heart when another woman seems to enjoy what your heart desires or receives recognition while your efforts remain unnoticed or unappreciated, consider how you can demonstrate Christ’s selfless love toward someone in need. Wives can take particular delight in appropriately serving their husbands and families, and single women desiring to be married can find joy in practicing Christlike service. As Jesus’ earthly ministry demonstrates, such servanthood always involves concrete actions on behalf of people with needs.

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