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Why Should Women Read Micah?

The book of Micah speaks especially to women who enjoy checklists and have organized their lives to such a point that they live to check off a list rather than living for the highest purpose. For the Israelites, the obligation to worship and complete the task of temple sacrifice had become more important than living their daily lives as a sacrifice to the Lord. Women who read Micah will be reminded that their confession and conduct are intertwined. To do outward acts of devotion but have no inner heart of submission to the Lord results in religiosity rather than true worship.

How Do You Read Micah?

Though he often stands in the shadow of Isaiah, his more famous contemporary, Micah’s message is no less important than Isaiah’s. He preached against the social and ethical injustices of his day and warned the people of the coming exile. But he also foretold a time of restored blessing under the divine Ruler of Bethlehem.

Micah states at the beginning of his book that what he saw concerns both Samaria and Jerusalem. Therefore, while delivered primarily to Judah, his message concerned both kingdoms. Micah was not a court prophet like Isaiah, but his message is for both leaders and common people alike. In relation to the whole of Scripture, Micah’s treatment of the remnant of God’s people is noteworthy. He prophesies that this remnant will become a powerful force in the world under their divine Ruler, the Messiah, and thus he continually points readers to the Messiah.

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