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Why Should Women Read Numbers?

Why should women read Numbers? 

The book of Numbers is abundant evidence of the Lord’s lovingkindness to an undeserving people. While the Israelites began with characteristic obedience, their turning away from the Lord, as recorded in the middle of the book of Numbers, reveals what would become the cycle of rebellion, repentance, and renewed covenantal love between the Lord and His people Israel. God has not changed since His dealings with the Israelites in the wilderness. People continue to be as sinful, depraved, and undeserving of God’s faithful love as the Israelites. Let the lessons be taken to heart, and let all be found faithful to a merciful Lord.

Biblical Womanhood The Daughters of Zelophehad

The daughters of Zelophehad are important women to set forth as examples (27:1-11; 36:1-13). Not only did these daughters fight against injustice, but they were concerned about family and about being obedient to God. The fear of the Lord is the foundation for biblical womanhood, and these women had it. Having discovered that their family would be left out of the inheritance unjustly because their father only had daughters, they respectfully went to those in authority about this unfairness (see 27:1-11). Women today must fight against injustice as well, but in the midst of the struggle, they must never lose the Christian virtues. Zelophehad’s daughters’ main concern was the continuation of the family name. Behind the priority of a relationship with Jesus Christ, each woman’s main concern should be for family. The paradigm for biblical womanhood is consistent throughout Scripture, and the case of Zelophehad’s daughters is no exception. They are models of godly obedience, maternal nurture, and righteous justice.

While life is not always fair, God is always just. The daughters of Zelophehad realized this. Christians should never stand for injustice; and when it occurs, they must go about righting the wrong in a proper way. For example, Zelophehad’s daughters did not grumble about their personal sorrow and their family’s plight. Rather, with grace and respect, the matter was taken before the leadership of the community and before the Lord. When unfairness strikes in life, a believer must not groan and complain. The Bible continually says that followers of Christ will encounter suffering. In the midst of pain and sorrow and perhaps unjust accusations or a muddied reputation, a Christian woman must remember that God keeps the record book of her life. Though justice may not be served here, the heavenly Father knows and will richly reward the faithful (Heb 6:10). Just as God remembered His faithful servants, Joshua and Caleb, and was gracious to the daughters of Zelophehad and the tribe of Manasseh, so He will be gracious to you.


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