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Why Should Women Read Philippians

Why Should Women Read Philippians

When Paul arrived in Philippi, Paul found an assembly of God-fearing women, and among this group of women down by the riverside, the Philippian church was born. In this tender letter from the apostle Paul to the Philippian church, one sees Paul’s heart as a mentor in the faith and as a father who deeply cared for his spiritual children. The Philippian church was beloved by Paul (1:3-8). They were a praying people (1:19), as well as loyal and liberal givers throughout Paul’s ministry. Even when no one else supported him (4:15), they gave out of their own “deep poverty” (2Co 8:2) to further the gospel message. Paul yearned to see their spiritual growth; thus, he taught them the essence of the Christian life.

Biblical Womanhood: Praying for Your Children

In Php 1:3-11, one gets a glimpse of the deep love Paul had for the Philippian believers, whom he considered to be his spiritual children. Paul thought of them often, for they were in his heart (v. 7). And yet, Paul did not spend time merely thinking of his spiritual children; he spent time praying for them.

Intercession was a natural by-product of his Godward focus, which constantly channeled his thinking about the believers into prayers on their behalf. God has uniquely gifted women to be nurturers and to care for their children. To think about your children is easy; this process is what it means to be a mother! Paul’s example, however, causes you to ask yourself: Do I spend as much time praying for my children as I do thinking about them? And do I pray with an eye toward what God’s purposes are for them (vv. 9-11)? And how often do you make your children aware of what you are praying for them (which encourages them to act on what you are praying)? Paul’s example is a reminder that caring for your children means offering up fervent, visionary prayers on their behalf.

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