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Why Should Women Read Revelation?

Do news headlines discourage you—wars, murders, weather catastrophes, and promotion of attitudes and behaviors that Christians label sin? Does wickedness seem widespread and growing stronger? Does the persecution of believers anger you? Then, you need to read the book of Revelation. Its message proclaims hope. It affirms that God is sovereign and in control. Jesus is returning to vindicate the righteous and judge the wicked. Satan and his followers, evil in every form, and those who reject Christ as Lord will be punished and defeated. Christ will reign victoriously and believers will live in God’s presence forever. “Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!” (22:20).

How could a good God allow the powers of darkness to commit atrocities

Upon witnessing the spiritual decay of Israel and the nation’s approaching invasion by the Babylonian Empire, the prophet Habakkuk asked: “Why do You tolerate wrongdoing?” (Hab 1:3a). The Lord answered:

• God has the right to use whatever tools He desires, even the wicked, to bring about His will (Hab 1:6-

• Although in God’s purposes the wicked may be allowed to triumph for a time, their judgment is assuredly coming (Hab 2:2-20).

A good and just God can use demons to bring about His higher purpose just as He used the Babylonians in
Habakkuk’s day. While the demons are given power for a season, they eventually will take their place in the
lake of fire forever.

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