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Why Should Women Read Titus?

One of the greatest ministries that God has given to women in the church is the opportunity to invest in the lives of other women. This small letter outlines for women the great adventure of spiritual mothering, the investment of spiritually mature women in the lives of those younger in the faith. Paul describes the character of a mentor as well as the curriculum that the mentors are to teach.

Biblical Womanhood – Digging Deeper into God’s Word

Overwhelmingly women purchase more Bibles and more Bible study materials than men do. By all rights, just the amount of materials in the marketplace should make women the best equipped Bible students of the modern era. However, one has only to peruse those materials to see that there is a great gulf fixed between most of what is being produced by women for women and even the most basic devotional commentary.

Inspirational thoughts, practical application, and systematic topical studies are all important, but women need more. Women can study the Bible in depth; they can learn to do genuine exposition or verse-by-verse interpretation of God’s Word, using the best hermeneutical principles; and this study tool is a step in making available to women resources produced especially for them. Here is a clarion call to women to demand the best in biblical scholarship—even resources prepared by women and men who have been formally trained in biblical studies—and to spend the time necessary to dig deeply into God’s Word and pull out its rich truths and full knowledge.

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