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Why Should Women Read Zephaniah?

As with all the Lord’s true prophets, Zephaniah was not a tickler of ears. His unminced words of future destruction were meant to bring restoration, though to those in Judah they would have been unwelcome. Zephaniah was giving the people one last chance to return to the Lord and be faithful to Him. Just as the Lord desired Judah’s loyalty, so He is calling for ladies to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Zephaniah...Written On My Heart

The people of Judah had been in the miry pit of spiritual destitution and apathy for years. Just as Zephaniah’s call to repent was meant to save them from the Lord’s great wrath, so, too, the call of repentance echoes true today. The Lord is calling for you to seek after Him for He will be found (2:3). When you turn to Jesus, He promises full restoration. Whether you are coming to Jesus out of lostness and a life of sin or returning to Jesus after a period of neglect, He waits with open arms to forgive you and give you life abundantly.

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